Day 169

The plan was for Ethan to finish out Kindergarten here, in Washington, with his friends. To spend our remaining PNW weekends visiting the places we always thought we’d have more time to see: Victoria, Vancouver, Coeur d’Alene, the Olympics. The plan was to gather with friends in May for a farewell weekend on Lopez Island. … More Day 169

Day 164

At the start of 2020, during Seattle’s long winter nights, Mike and I decided to make the move back to Ohio. We’d entertained the idea before, almost always during Seattle’s long winter nights, but had always found enough reasons to stay. We love the nature here, the grand mountains and moss-covered forests and driftwood beaches. … More Day 164

Day 162

I first started writing here when my family was uprooting and moving our life across the country, from Ohio to Washington. The space went through a few iterations, stopped and started as I figured out what I wanted to say and who I wanted to amplify. At it’s most popular, I was juggling multiple contributors, … More Day 162